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WLC Project Lister
(VFP 9/8/7/6)

Project Lister for VFP v6.3  (pl60.zip - 168KB)

(Updated 28-Nov-2004)


This utility lists the different source objects that are in a specific VFP project.  I created this tool to list each of the objects in the project as a checklist as I was developing an application.  As time moved on I added more and more features to give me more and more details about each of the objects.  Now I use the Project Lister to document the basics about projects I develop and to determine what exactly is in projects I am looking to take over.  The current incarnation not only plows through the different source code objects, but does a decent rudimentary job of documenting a database container as well.  Please note that it will not give you the depth that something like the Stonefield Database Toolkit gives you, but I find it useful.



  • Select project to document from an open project or one residing on disk

  • Configurable reports allow you to select what information appears

  • Configurable list of project objects allow you to select what object types appear on reports

  • Can browse the objects that will appear in output

  • Select from several reports (both large and compressed print) and different orders

  • Output to preview report, printed report, text file, Windows' clipboard, or free table format

  • Requires VFP 6.0 because it incorporates some of the new Project Object properties, events, and methods.

Version 6.3.16 Fixes and Enhancements

Fixed a bug that triggered infinite loop if running from a menu (thanks to Rick Borup).
Updated tool to fit into the White Light Computing tool family.
Added Config.fpw file to the About page.
Added White Light Computing logo and hyperlink to site (VFP 8 and higher).
Tested in VFP 9 with new Report Designer (respects your ReportBehavior setting).
Changed tabs to be non-justified
Added new version to form so it is obvious what version you are running no matter what page you are on.
Version 6.2.5 Fixes and Enhancements
New summary report to show the count of different objects in the project.
Summary counts added to the Object Listing by Object reports.
Hyperlink to G2Tools website.
Compiled and tested in VFP 8 SP1.
Version 6.1.1 Fixes and Enhancements
Geeks and Gurus logo and added it to the Geeks and Gurus Web site with rest of G2 Tools offerings.
Hyperlink to Geeks and Gurus website.
Version 6.0.56 Fixes and Enhancements
Better DBC documentation, enhancements to the relation and table field objects for more complete information.
Better Visual Class Library documentation, ability to reduce/increase the information output via the "partial" notes option.  Significantly reduces the number of pages of output for projects with numerous class libraries.  Basic list includes a comma delimited list of classes.  "Full" notes includes class name, object type, superclass, description, include file, and VFP User field for each classes in the library.
Hyperlink to RAS tool website.
User id of user running the application is displayed on the About Page
Removed some stray blank lines throughout reports.
All new fonts and font sizes.
READ EVENTS so it can be run standalone (only if in standalone mode).


Project Lister for FoxPro 2.x (DOS and Windows) (plv120.zip - 76KB)

(Updated 09-Jul-1994)

This utility does nearly the same as the Project Lister for VFP 6.0 to 9.0, but pulls the information from 2.x projects.  There is naturally less information collected since this is the first step in the evolution of the Project Lister.   I still find it useful as I move projects from the 2.x world to the world of 32-bit development.

This tool was the centerpiece of the FoxPro’s Project File article in the November 1994 issue of FoxTalk.

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