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HackCX Professional v4
(VFP 9/8/7/6)
(previously available from G2Tools)

Having fun hacking a class or form via the ever trusty BROWSE window? Enjoy rearranging memo windows each time, manually finding the correct record in the table, making the change, only to discover that the class or form won’t open in the designer? HackCX Pro is a better editor than the BROWSE window and provides a safer hacking experience for your forms and visual class libraries.

What's New in the current version?

Help File (HackCXchm.zip - 156KB) HackCX Videocasts


  • Redefine class and baseclass of objects inside of containers, or reset them to VFP basesclasses.
  • Safely make changes in buffered mode so you can reverse them before potentially destroying source code.
  • Create automatic (and configurable) backups of metadata files before you make changes.
  • Search for values in any of the metadata columns.
  • Edit all methods in the same editor.
  • Change the scope (protected/hidden) of properties and methods without drilling down list in VFP Edit Property/Method dialog.
  • Clear the compiled object code from the metadata.
  • Recompile all code in the class library or form.
  • Add properties and methods
  • Same member can be added to multiple classes
  • Set default value when adding new property
  • Edit the content of the metadata User column.
  • Run code from the built-in Command Window to affect multiple rows.
  • BROWSE the metadata like we did before using this tool

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"How valuable you'll find HackCX really depends on the type of development you do. It isn't expensive ($50 per developer license) but if you build applications using frameworks and rarely spend time cleaning up or refactoring code, then it may not be something you need. But the moment you need to re-define a class or make changes under the hood, you'll wonder how you never lived without it."
- Andrew MacNeill, AKSEL (Advisor Guide to Microsoft Visual FoxPro - January 2006 issue)

"HackCX Professional v4 is one of those tools you wonder how you ever got along without. It not only makes it easy to find and change things inside your forms and class libraries, it also helps you see things you might otherwise miss. Highly recommended!"
- Rick Borup,  Information Technology Associates

"Yeah, one - or more - of the members of your presentation objects is hosed. There are ways to fix this kind of stuff manually, but for problems like this, HackCX Professional will be the best $50 you ever spent."
- Mike Feltman, F1 Technologies

"Believe it or not, HackCX has *already* saved me about three hours of work today. I can't believe I waited so long to buy it!"
- Kevin Ragsdale, PC-Interactive

"As others pointed out, you need to hack the VCX. For my money, you can't get a better tool for the job than HackCX Professional."
- Jim Winter, Production Advantage, Inc.

"HackCX has been invaluable in keeping my applications up to date. I recently made a change to several of my fundamental vcx files. This, of course, rendered almost all my forms in several applications useless until I relinked and updated affected controls. Without HackCX, this would have been arduous, if not impossible! HackCX made it easy and painless! Thanks, Rick!"
- Bob Wilkes, Keystone Computer Services, Inc.

"The best use of HackCX was converting a project from my old framework (such as it was) to Codemine. It took about ten minutes to do a job I couldn't even think about how to start."
- Steve Herbin, SNH Computing Corporation



$50 per developer license
$100 per developer license bundled with ViewEditor Pro
Special site license pricing available (call for details).
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HackCX Professional Only
HackCX/ViewEditor Pro Bundle

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