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ViewEditor Professional v3
(VFP 9/8/7)
(previously available from G2Tools)

A vastly enhanced version of the award-winning* ViewEditor, ViewEditor Professional is a replacement for the native Visual FoxPro View Designer. ViewEditor Professional provides support for local and remote views, views that access free tables, views that access other views, parameterized views, multiple table updates and Visual FoxPro databases with multiple remote data connections.

View Editor Professional provides a much more efficient interface that makes writing and maintaining views a breeze, and leverages your skill as a database developer by getting out of your way while you write SQL code, but is there to help you with the process of setting the numerous properties associated with views.

* 2001 UniversalThread Member Choice Award - Best non-commercial utility (tied)

What's New in the current version?

Help File (ViewEditorChm.zip - 457KB)


  • Write your own SQL – no struggling with designer interfaces to get exactly the result set you want.
  • Set view and view field properties quickly and easily.
  • “Inherit” table field properties with a single click when working with Visual FoxPro data.
  • Define default application behaviors including
    • Open last DBC used on startup
    • Open current DBC on startup
    • MRU list size
    • Colors
    • Edit window font
    • Default SQL code
  • Define properties for each VFP database container including
    • Default view properties such as Updatable, ShareConnection, FetchSize
    • CamelCase rule for field names
    • Whether to automatically mark key fields as updatable
    • Default view rule expression and rule text
  • Define and maintain a default view script file for each database
  • Complete Help file

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"ViewEditor has matured into what the View Designer should have been. Very robust, extremely well designed (Rick Schummer knows his developer tools) and will open views I have broken so the VFP View Designer won't open them. I can't imagine working without the ViewEditor..."
 Charles Hankey, F1 Technologies, Inc.

"It takes one heck of a product to make developers happy because we are the hardest customers to please. It probably comes from all of the "pleasing" we have to do for our own customers. But you really did it! You incorporated all of our requests, threw in some good stuff of your own, and polished it until it shines. ViewEditor is a perfect companion product to The Stonefield Database Toolkit. I can use ViewEditor to make the most outrageous views complete with macro-substituted parameters, then use the SDT to propagate those changes throughout my DBC. The pair make view/database changes not only possible, but completely painless. Your hard work and dedication to a quality product are certainly on display in ViewEditor, I thank you and my customer's should thank you. Keep up the great work!"
Paul James, Life-Cycle Technologies, Inc.

"I use ViewEditor several times every day. It's like the American Express card for developers---don't code without it."
Michael J. Babcock, MB Software Solutions, LLC

"You have a great product in ViewEditor and super support and upgrade policies! Thank You so much."
Paul Kaminsky, Pro Systems Consultants

"In summary, I give ViewEditor an A for features, an A- for documentation and an A+ for technical support. I highly recommend this product. At a $75.00 per developer license fee, it is well worth the money. I easily saved the cost of purchase in my first use of this software."
- Burt Rosen, Software News and Views

"I’m really enjoying this new version of the ViewEditor!  I am so productive I have to stop and think once in a while!"
- Jim Felich, Integrated Technology

Pricing /Purchasing

$75 per developer license
$100 per developer license bundled with HackCX Pro
Special site license pricing available.
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ViewEditor Professional Only

ViewEditor/HackCX Pro Bundle

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